‘If you want to speak the language of investors, show them the link in your business between ‘doing good and doing well’.

This was one of the thought-provoking quotes from the UN Global Compact Leaders’ Summit on 15th -16th June 2020.

Emphasising those links between your own sustainable business actions (Doing good) and those that link to your P&L (Doing well) is becoming even more crucial. Investors are looking to businesses that have a positive environmental and social impact, and a purpose for future investment growth.

Another great insight from the Summit, there were so many! An amazing selection of eminent speakers and panellists over the two days.

There are three types of leader that are driving sustainability in business: 
The Born Believer (50%)
The Convinced (25%)
The Awoken (25%).

You cannot suddenly become a ‘Born Believer’ (but many of your consumers may be already )! You can be one of ‘The Awoken’ or you may already be one of ‘The Convinced’.

Whichever you are, this is the time to accelerate in your actions!

So many investors are changing the way they view business in future and what good business should look like, that all businesses need to bring ‘doing good and doing well’ in alignment with all their business activities.

It is simply sound business sense.

So, If your company has the ambition to move and take the necessary steps towards being a more sustainable business but there are key constraints that right now prevent you from acting, then come and talk to us. It may be issues with staffing, budget, or simply not knowing where to start that is holding you back?

Well, let us explore this together with you as we will find a way! That is why we are here – to help businesses to transform!  Acting now, will allow you to start to take the necessary steps to future-proof your company. We will look carefully at the options open to your business, how new ideas will work within your own organisation and help to transform your own supply chains.