Global Bright Futures is excited to announce the launch of its first event:  ‘The Sustainability Symposium – Hospitality’ at The Assembly Rooms, Bath, UK.

This unique boutique sustainability conference will be an opportunity for businesses involved in all aspects of the hospitality industry to come together and be inspired by engaging speakers on actions, ideas, trends and their own experiences on starting or transforming their businesses to becoming more sustainable.

Why is sustainability in hospitality important?

Sustainability is the most important aspect to consider in creating a unique customer experience for the traveller and hospitality customers of the future, and sustainability is changing the global world rapidly. As new consumers come of age, and who are opting to spend on memorable experiences rather than consumer goods, these same consumers have high expectations of what to expect from companies who provide these experiences to them, how they behave, how they source and how they treat the people that work for them and within their supply chains.

What is sustainable development?

The UN definition is – “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

Energy use, waste generation, water, vulnerability to modern slavery, adopting a reuse, recycle systems, moving towards a circular economy, more transparency of the supply of goods and their disposal are all considerations and risks that the industry needs to be aware of and manage. Our new consumers demand to know more about what we do. They want to know that they can entrust their future to those businesses that have been building and growing with both purpose and values at their core, and the care and consideration for people and the communities they are operating in. Purpose and profit combined.

About the event

The agenda for the day focuses around the following key themes, with selected engaging speakers who are invited for their passion and unique approach to sustainable business and sustainability in each of their own fields of expertise:

  • Waste & The Circular Economy
  • The Modern Slavery Act & The Hospitality Industry
  • Energy & Waste. ESOS
  • The Challenges, rewards and benefits of being a sustainable business
  • Looking forward- A brighter future for the sustainable business
  • The Future of Hospitality

You will hear some of the challenges faced and some dips in the road along the journey, with honest and passionate accounts of what inspires them & their companies to bring a fresh, more considerate approach for the long term to their companies. You will hear why there is an imperative to tackle the challenges facing business around climate change, re-use, recycling and reducing waste, the circular economy, modern slavery and the impact of these business on communities and people, as well as where the future of hospitality as an industry is heading.

The overall aim is that you will leave motivated and inspired by the opportunities and positive actions you can take and some of the benefits that becoming more sustainable can hold for your business, and how sustainability can enhance your business reputation as well as how your clients, customers, consumers will benefit by your actions.

Whether you are new to sustainability or already well on the way on your own sustainability journey you will meet peers, potential suppliers of sustainable products and services and inspirational leaders.

Whether you are a hotel, restaurant, café or bar business, or involved in any one of the business areas that supply this sector, then this is the event for you. Do join us as a delegate for the day, or take the opportunity to showcase your own sustainable business services and products and join us as an exhibitor in The Great Octagon.

Check out our event website to find out more out more about the event.  Register now to attend as  Early Bird tickets are available for a limited time.

If you travel by train, discounts are available on GWR train fares for Sustainability Symposium attendees.

The venue

The venue is the unique and beautiful Bath Assembly Rooms, and as a UNESCO World Heritage City, Bath is a great location to showcase the impact that the hospitality sector and supply chains have on the future of our planet, people and their livelihoods.

The Assembly Rooms have been in existence since 1771 and despite a turbulent history since Georgian times, is still used for assembly and meetings as was the original intended purpose. Jane Austen features The Assembly Rooms in several of her novels and Charles Dickens gave public readings in this building.

In 1950, the American government requested to buy The Assembly Rooms Chandeliers, the finest set of 18th Century Chandeliers in the world, for the White House. Fortunately, this was never agreed and the Whitefriars chandeliers are still in-situ today.

By joining us at The Sustainability Symposium, you will be able reflect on the history of this unique building under these stunning chandeliers, while listening and thinking about the responsibility we all hold for the future.

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