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Working on key product lines, supply chain commodities and components across different sectors, we can support you in various ways across your teams, issues and products.
Modern Slavery
Circular Economy
Right impact, right story
Responsible strategy
Supply chain & operations
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Modern Slavery

Do you know if you have modern slavery lurking in your business operations or supply chains?

Are you prepared to respond to the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act and prepare your annual statement?

Do you know how to tackle modern slavery if it is found in your supply chain?

Global Bright Futures can help you in answering these questions through:

Risks & reporting
– We will prepare your Modern Slavery report for you, build and draft your statement or review a current one, including how to measure progress
– Identify and analyse risks your business face
– Support you on reporting on broader human rights issues, e.g. UN Convention of Human Rights (child labour, bonded labour and trafficking risks)
– Draft or review policies and frameworks to reduce risks of modern slavery

Engagement & due diligence
– Review internal resources and responsibilities, and work with you to make sure your staff has the knowledge to implement your policy, or identify where you need external resources
– Supplier engagement programmes and supporting your suppliers to build or strengthen their human rights knowledge
– Remediation framework for when cases of modern slavery has been identified

Find out more on how we can support you on being prepared for the Modern Slavery Act in the UK in this pdf.

Circular Economy

Do you know the risks of supply uncertainty and cost increases due to dependency on natural resources?

Are you struggling to how you could adopt a circular economy approach into your business model?

If so, Global Bright Futures can help. How, you ask? We can support you to explore and understand the options open to you:

Risk assessment
We start with identifying the risks your business faces if it continues to operate under a linear economy business model.

These risks can range from security of supply of raw materials, cost inefficiencies in the supply chain, high cost of dealing with end of line waste and legislations that can impact your business.

Circular vision
We will support you to develop a vision to help you adopt or scale up a circular economy business model, determine the best pipeline of circular opportunities for you and how to integrate this into your strategy.

For companies struggling to get started, we identify best opportunities for your business to start your journey, which can be starting with one product line and then scaling, or exploring new models at POS and looking at the beginning and the end of life of the product.

Measurement & reporting
We help you ensure you have the right data to measure the progress and the impacts of your circular economy approach through:
– KPI setting, data collection and analysis support, evaluation and insights
– Telling the right story to your key stakeholders, including support on report writing
– Annual review, learning and how to scale up

Right impact, right story

Are you able to collect the data that enables you to measure progress of your sustainability effort and that enables you to predict reputational risks?

Do you know how to get the right insights and recommendations from your data?

Are you able to engage with your key stakeholders in a meaningful and effective way?

Global Bright Futures can help you with:

Data strategy & implementation
– Identifying what matters to your business and setting the right KPIs, being clear on input, output, outcome and impact
– Identifying the right evaluation and data collection methods, the right data points and if there are any gaps in existing data, as well as support you and your suppliers in collecting the right data

Recommendations & communication
– Analysis and insights, helping you get the right recommendations from your data and how you are progressing
– Supporting you in generating the right information and visuals, telling the right stories to engage your key stakeholders in a way that matters to them

Responsible strategy

Are you able to quantify and analyse your risks and opportunities and set the right sustainability targets?

Do you know what standards and initiatives align with your targets?

Are you able to evidence your impact and how you are contributing to goals and priorities, such as SDGs?

We support companies in identifying their own and unique business case and to implement a sustainability driven business model, as well as how to engage with your consumers and other key stakeholders.

– Developing a sustainability vision & integrating it into your strategy
– Capacity building at agricultural level
– Resource efficiency
– Business case for sustainability
– Align with Sustainable Development Goals

– Tools and manuals to communicate strategy
– Implementation framework
– Workshops
– Managing your projects and external memberships

Impact measurement
– Develop the right KPI’s to measure progress and impact of sustainability strategy
– We can manage the process of collecting, analysing and reporting on the data and impacts

Supply chain & operations

Do your suppliers know your sustainability goals and targets and do they have the knowledge and support they need to deliver?

Do you know how to engage with your supply chain to ensure compliance of your policies?

Are you able to ask for the right data and use that data to create meaningful analysis and stories, getting the insights you need to know what to do next?

We support you in how to engage with your supply chains effectively across the whole range of areas as part of your sustainability plan.

Policy development
– We work with you to develop a policy that enables long term security of supply and enhances transparency in your supply chain
– Responsible Sourcing Policy, incorporating environment and labour standards

Risk & opportunity mapping
– Identify and anlayse risks and opportunities for improvement with suppliers for long term partnerships that work more effectively

Supplier engagement
– Train suppliers on your policies and goals
– Engage with suppliers in addressing issues

Impact measurement
– Develop the right KPI’s and tools to measure and monitor performance
– We can manage the process of collecting, analysing and reporting on the data and impacts

People & purpose

Does your team know your sustainability goals and targets and do they have the knowledge and support they need to deliver?

Does your team know how to engage with your suppliers around sustainability and how to source more sustainable raw material?

Are you able to translate sustainability into the language of other departments, e.g. marketing,and finances?

Working with our team allows your global teams to engage regularly online or on the phone, ask specific questions and actively build their knowledge on your specific sustainability aims and achievements.

Personal development
We work with you on both short term plans and longer term timelines to deliver solutions for your business. Our workshops consist of several options and subjects and can be over 1/2 day, 1 & 2 day or longer.

– New starter module
– Board competency modules
– Leadership staff module
– Product development module
– Procurement module
– Supply chain module
– Sustainable cotton and other fibres (natural and synthetics) for fashion & homeware brands
– Sustainable commodities (coffee, tea, spices)
– Sustainable raw materials plan (plastics, microfibre, cellulose , leather, metals)

Impact measurement
– Develop the right KPI’s to measure staff engagement with your sustainability strategy
– We can manage the process of collecting, analysing and reporting on the data and impacts

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