Susan Macdonald

Chief of Business Development and Relationships


Susan graduated in Fashion Design at The London College of Fashion (LCF) and built an impressive career, experience and has extensive expertise in the apparel and textile industry from design concepts through to customers at point of sale.

Susan has held Design Director, Product Development Director, Commercial Director and Business Development Director positions in large global supplier companies for major brands & retailers, and across numerous product categories in Women’s, Men’s, Children’s wear, Lingerie & Home Textiles, and has worked in product development on new fibres, fabrics, created innovative new business strategy and ideas and created solutions to build the core business base and growth. In addition, Susan has been a Business Development Consultant for leading overseas businesses to build markets & market share, develop secure sourcing and supply chain excellence.

Susan moved into the sustainability sector in 2010, building on her strong business relationships and experienced knowledge of the industry, creating more sustainable supply chains from farm level to consumers for major brands and retailers.

At Global Bright Futures, Susan saw a gap in the sector, how we could help brands right from the outset in setting out their vision to delivering the impact and results. Making sustainability commercially viable and integrated into the day to day business, with an opportunity to help more brands, retailers and supply chain companies take the first steps on this journey, as well as creating additional team resource for those already well on the sustainability journey, and now looking to press ‘Refresh’ or ‘Reset’ for the next stages and further broaden their vision. Susan listens, and identifies what solutions and options are available to make businesses more effective, efficient, transparent and profitable for long term sustainability by working with our team.