Sustainability – it’s considered to be complex and there are various ways of working towards sustainability.

We think of sustainability like playing a football game. Your players need to know what direction to run in, who to pass to and strategies for winning the game (i.e. the game of being a sustainable, profitable business). We created Global Bright Futures to support brands and retailers in their game planning, and to support their teams.

As a team, everyone has a key role and a part to play, on or off the field. There is an overall plan and each game has a strategy. In football, the goal is literally to get the most goals in the net and the overall aim is to win. In sustainability it’s about working on your goals, aims and ambitions together towards a building a more sustainable business, for both society & planet.

By setting out a strategy that all of those involved buy in to, using the strengths and knowing the weaknesses of each player, as well as having the right support (e.g. other companies, networks, consultants and tools), each team member knows what they have to do individually to achieve the team aim. No individual can play football alone.

In football, like in sustainability, sometimes things don’t go according to plan (just like challenges that emerge while on your sustainability journey). One game result may be not what was desired. Sometimes, the team need to regroup and revisit the strategy. However, the responsibility when results fall short lies ultimately with the manager, not the players.

“Sport has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.”

Nelson Mandela, 2000

We first published this article in our Global Bright Futures Newsletter in December 2017, which focused on sustainability in sports and innovation which is integral to Sports, Sportswear and Sports Equipment.

Why did we focus on sports?  Most people do sport activities in some way; walking, hiking, running, football, tennis, cycling, swimming. The list is endless.

Sports can impact nature and are also impacted by it. There are impacts on people and planet from producing sportswear, activewear and equipment. Find out more on what to consider in regards to your products on our website.

Sport has the power to influence others with real passion and enthusiasm. It can literally be a game changer! So we thought now was a good time to share with you again, so talk to your colleagues, teams and organisations about why sustainability is like football today!